PDS Performance Distillation Solutions
PDS Performance Distillation Solutions

Performance Distillation Services is a worldwide leader in engineering and manufacturing distillation packing material. Headquartered in Central Pennsylvania, PDS stands as a recognized leader with its revolutionary Pro-Pak distillation packing material and other turnkey solutions.

  • SDC is Formed

    SDC is Formed

    The Scientific Development Company is incorporated on December 18th

  • Patent for a Distillation Packing

    Dr. Michael Cannon of The Scientific Development Company filed a U.S. patent for a distillation packing material characterized as half-cylinders of rolled, thin metal strips protruded with a dense arrangement of holes bearing jagged ruptures over their convex surface

  • PDS is Founded

    PDS Performance Distillation Solutions

    Performance Distillation Solutions, LLC is founded 



    Performance Distillation Solutions becomes the exclusive distributer for ILUDEST in North America

  • Pro-Pak line

    The Pro-Pak line is spun out of Cannon Instrument Company and placed into newly formed Performance Distillation Solutions

  • Headquarters in Bellefonte, PA

    Headquarters in Bellefonte, PA

    Performance Distillation Solutions opens their manufacturing facility and headquarters in Bellefonte, PA

  • Autonomous Machinery

    Autonomous Machinery

    Newly engineered autonomous machinery for the manufacture of Pro-Pak is designed, built, and placed in operation.

Pro-Pak Random Distillation Packing and Inter-distributor Screens

Pro-Pak Random Distillation Packing and Inter-distributor Screens

One of the most efficient random distillation column packings on the market – helping customers to more efficiently perform liquid extractions on all sorts of materials – ranging from organic chemicals, petroleum, alcoholic beverages, ultra-pure semiconductor gases and solvents, botanical oils like CBD, pharmaceutical-grade gases and isotopes, and green fuels.