LaMotte Company is a leader in testing, filtration, and sustaining pool water purification. Located on its own 15-acre industrial park near colonial Chestertown on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the company has been a leader in its market for many years.

  • Founded


    LaMotte Chemical Product Company founded when young chemist and pH analysis expert, Frank LaMotte, creates a new venture to focus on specific applications of chemical control.

  • Incorporated


    The LaMotte Chemical Products Company is incorporated on April 5th

  • Admiral Byrd

    Admiral Byrd

    LaMotte pH test kits accompany Admiral Byrd’s expedition to Antarctica

  • LaMotte Company Moves

    LaMotte Company Moves

     LaMotte company moves to Chestertown, MD

  • Insta-Test

    Company launches Insta-Test test strips

  • New Test to Measure Free Chlorine

    New Test to Measure Free Chlorine

    LaMotte Introduces New Test to Measure Free Chlorine in US (DPD), Later Gains EPA Approval

  • Electronic Colorimeters

    Electronic Colorimeters

    LaMotte Introduces First Line of Electronic Colorimeters

  • WaterLink Testing Lab

    WaterLink Testing Lab

    LaMotte launches first WaterLink testing lad, a digital colorimeter connected to a PC

  • ColorQ Photometer

    LaMotte introduces ColorQ photometer

  • WaterLink “Spin”

    LaMotte introduces revolutionary WaterLink “Spin” photometer capable of measuring 10 parameters of water testing in less than 1 minute

  • East West Manufacturing

     LaMotte establishes partnership with East West Manufacturing for high volume assembly of its electronic meters

  • WaterLink SpinTouch

    LaMotte launches second generation WaterLink SpinTouch photometer

  • LaMotte Expands

    LaMotte Expands

    LaMotte Expands Chestertown Facility by 10k ft enhancing R&D and production capacity

  • Leslie’s Pools

    Leslie’s Pools

    LaMotte signs a distribution agreement with Leslie’s Pools

  • LaMotte Acquires Pulse

    LaMotte acquires Pulse, a new technology of constant water monitoring 

  • LaMotte Asia is Formed

    LaMotte Asia Private Limited located in Singapore is formed

  • Second LaMotte Facility

    Second LaMotte Facility

    LaMotte opens a second manufacturing facility and new headquarters in Newark, DE

Original LaMotte Test Kits

Original LaMotte Test Kits

From 1919 until 1950, LaMotte created their own wooden cases to house their manufactured reagents and other components for each of their kits. Each component had specific holes within wooden inserts to secure them for transport around the globe. This featured kit was produced around 1930.

TesTabs® Reagent Tablets

TesTabs® Reagent Tablets

Launched in 1968 to measure Free Chlorine in drinking water and pool water. After initially reselling DPD, LaMotte created their own formulations and production processes by 1989. Its DPD formula later gained EPA Approval and new blister-packed foil added convenience for end-users.

Insta-Test® Pool & Spa Test Strips

Insta-Test® Pool & Spa Test Strips

In 1996, LaMotte Company introduced the first “Dip & Read” pool and spa test strip. Its only competition required users to wait 30-seconds for results. By 1998 the innovative new “pop-top” vial was introduced with a waterproof seal and built-in desiccant liner.

Soil Testing Kits

Soil Testing Kits

By 1930, LaMotte was producing soil pH tests for agricultural agencies around the world. The user would simply soak a sample in reagent and decant a solution into a white spot plate to examine a color reaction. Soon nitrate, phosphate, and potassium tests were added so growers could identify what soil amendments were needed to maximize crop output. Compact versions of the kits became popular with schools and gardeners alike.

The ColorQ Colorimeter

The ColorQ Colorimeter

In 2007, LaMotte developed a compact, economical colorimeter to eliminate guesswork in visual color matching at public pools and for service technicians. A few years later, sales tripled when resellers began offering these on the internet directly to homeowners. A fully waterproof version with Bluetooth connectivity called the ColorQ2X was developed and launched in 2020.

Spin Water Analysis System

Spin Water Analysis System

Launched in 2012, The WaterLink® Spin testing system revolutionized pool testing for professional analysts. The Spin virtually eliminated all old technologies for in-store testing. The initial dome-shaped instrument was replaced by the award-winning SpinTouch® in 2018. The user simply fills a disk with water and lets the meter analyze 10 tests in one-minute. By the end of 2021, LaMotte Company sales had grown 150% primarily from this one product.

BrewLab Kit

BrewLab Kit

By 2016, the Home Brewing industry was exploding, and brewers wanted ways to measure their water quality before adding expensive ingredients to each batch. LaMotte partnered with brewing expert John Palmer to design and promote a series of brewing kits for the beginner and intermediate brewer.



Launched in 2012 in tandem with the Spin meter, the SpinDisk® has 10 different chambers, or wells, each with a dried reagent that combines with the water sample to measure 10 test parameters. Different reagents are used to analyze different parameter sets for each market application. The SpinDisk® is covered by several US and international patents.